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Hover over each box to learn more about the fundraiser! Then, click the link to learn more.

Square 1 Art
This annual fundraiser is an art-based fundraiser, that gives parents the opportunity to purchase a variety of household items with their child's artwork printed on it!  Learn more here

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is hosted twice a year and is an opportunity for your child to purchase grade level appropriate books!

Learn more here:

Heath Brook


Dine Outs

Take your family to dine out at a local restaurants. The PAC will receive a percentage of the proceeds!

Learn more here.

Dine Outs


Get ready for Spring cleaning! Donate your used clothing and household items- Savers will buy these items and donate the money to the PAC! Learn more here!


Fun Run

The Annual Fun Run is hosted at the Heath Brook  and Center Elementary School.

Learn more here

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